Iles des Embiez-Porquerolles

A trip from Port Napoleon to Iles des Embiez
Fisherman in the entrance near Port Napoleon, there is no depth outside the navigational water They de la Gracieuse, in the Bay of Fos sur Mer, between the East and North Cardinal buoy, a yacht eigther tried to make a short-cut, made a navigational error, or something went wrong in a strong “marin”
unfortunatly for the boat it did not make it….Havre du Morgiret (Frioul) just after sunsetHavre du Morgiret, just after sunset. looking WestIles des Embiez, Esprit de Co(r)ps Achoring

The Île des Embiez  is located off the coast of the port of Le Brusc in the commune of Six-Fours-les-Plages, in the Vardepartment in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in South Western France.

A frequent daily ferry service runs to the island from Le Brusc. Summer boat trips leave from Sanary. The island has a surface area of 0.9 square kilometres (0.35 sq mi), with a coastline of 6 kilometres (3.7 mi). The island is 57 metres (187 ft) high at its highest point. The port has moorings for 750 boats, and is the home of Le Garlaban, a three mast sailing boat that belonged to Paul Ricard and is now a seafood restaurant (only open in July and August).

The 10 hectare (25 acre) vineyard is part of the Côtes de Provence AOC region.
Its Côtes de Provence wine is made from Grenache and Cinsaut grapes. Its ‘Pays des Embiez’ wines are available in roseé, (made from Cinsaut and Grenache grape varieties); white wine, (made from Ugni and Sauvignon), and red wine, with (Merlot and Cabernet grapes).

Esprit de Co(r)ps, anchoring near Iles des EmbiezA walk on the Island, looking towards the Cap Sicie

The island has a strict environmental policy and its port was the first in the Var to be awarded ISO 14001 certification. The island also has Blue Flag beaches and the surface is protected under Natura 2000. Birds visible on the island include the avocet, the plover, the grey heron, the cormorant and the kingfisher.
Iles des Embiez, seen from above

In 1958, the island was bought by industrialist Paul Ricard (1909-1997) the founder of Ricard, the pastis manufacturer. Ricard is buried on the Île des Embiez. His grave is on the island’s highest point, facing the sea. The island commemorates Ricard’s birthday on the 9 July every year.Iles-des-Embiez-planIles des Embiez, Port St PierrePort St Pierre, fishing boat

The Île des Embiez has a main hotel with 60 rooms and one suite and 150 appartements, one hotel in the pinewood with 20 rooms and a house for private or professional events. The island also has five restaurants, and is the location of the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute (Institut océanographique Paul Ricard). Natural attractions include seven beaches, a pine forest and nature trail, and a vineyard.  Sporting facilities include tennis pitches and pétanque.

Iles des Embiez, looking WestIles des Embiez, sunsetrounding Iles des Embiez, heading for PorquerollesPorquerolles, baye d’Alicastre, anchoring near the Pointe d’Alicastrein the evening (and morning..) we had guests for dinner our ‘guests’ (everywhere) on the boat  On a bike-ride over the Island, here the Port de Porquerolles, looking WestPorquerolles, Baye du LangoustierBaye on the South side of Plage Blanche (South of Baye du Langoustier)Baye South of Plage BlancheMay 2012, there is a wide diversity of flowersCalanque de Breganconnel, Porquerolles (South Side)Esprit de Co(r)ps in Porquerolles HarbourOn the way back, not too far from Cap Sicie, we saw 3 moonfishAt the end of the day we were in Baye de Pomegues, Frioul Looking at Marseille from Baye de Pomegues (Frioul)New guests arrived in Baye de Pomegues….Party timeparty on a boat and late in the evening back to Marseille, a concept we hardly know in the North of Europe, I can only compare this with amsterdam, but that is in the city…People don’t go out for some Miles to find a bay or Calanque to celebrate….Back at Port Napoleon after sailing for 6 days….